Appraisal Interviewing

Course Objectives;

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:
• Understand the need for Appraisal interviewing
• Prepare effectively for an Appraisal interview
• Use open, closed and probe questions effectively
• Put active listening techniques into practice
• Understand and act on verbal and non-verbal signals
• Agree actions and deadlines to improve the appraisee’s performance
• Follow up the appraisal interview

Who Will Benefit?

This course is for all who need the skills and knowledge to ensure they effectively manage themselves and others at work. The content is suitable for the needs of supervisors, first line managers and project leaders. However, anyone in a management position will find invaluable tips and reminders from this course.

This course is especially suitable for those studying for Vocational Qualifications, as each course is matched to national standards of competence.

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