Managing Workplace Stress

Course Objectives

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:
• Identify stress and its underlying effect on mind and body
• Examine ways to tackle or minimize the effect of stress
• Adopt stress management strategies
• Develop a greater sensitivity to the work environment
• Determine ways to manage time and task more productively
• Avoid practices that consume time in vain
• Apply appropriate techniques to deal at workplace
• Build self-esteem through positive thinking
• Practice de-stressing techniques
• Identify ways to achieve work-life balance

Who will benefit?

The course is useful for all who need the skills and knowledge to ensure they effectively manage themselves. The content is suitable for everyone in the corporate environment. It offers solutions to effectively manage time, prioritise tasks, maintain a balance between work and personal life and also offers techniques to relax, eventually raising your self-esteem.

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